Clean Your Shelf Giveaway Hop ~ GENA SHOWALTER Signed Book!

CleanYourShelfEnter to win a signed copy of THE DARKEST SEDUCTION by GENA SHOWALTER and a signed copy of GODDESS LEGACY, Goddess Series Book One, by M.W. MUSE (That’s me, people…the ebook reached Number ONE in Teen Romance and is FREE right now, so get it while you can)! I’m also giving away a couple of Harlequin books from my stash.


This blog hop couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Seriously, I’m scheduled to close on my new house before this hop is over! I’ve been going through so much stuff and wondering why I still have it. I think as the years fly by, we accumulate things and don’t even realize how much junk—er…I mean prized possessions—we acquire. It’s time to clean out these closets and start fresh. If you hear crying in the background, please ignore…or send chocolate.

One thing I know I buy too much of is shoes. I will never wear all the shoes I own, but when I see a great sale, I feel like I can justify the purchase just in case I need them. Picture me gawking at some high heels (I don’t wear these on regular occasions), thinking, “These are so cute, I’m sure I have a dress that will go with these (I normally don’t wear dresses, either).” Buuuut, I love saving 90% on sandals at the end of summer or 75% on boots when winter is over. It’s hard to pass those opportunities by. You know what I’m talking ’bout, ladies.

But when it comes to books, I know I have a serious weakness. I should just start a tab at Barnes and Noble for them to charge my purchases against my royalties before paying me my income. It’d save us both a lot of time and our banks grief from moving money back and forth between our accounts. And when the library has sales? Oh lawd! I think the people two towns over can her my brakes locking up when I pass the $0.50 used books sale sign.

So now you know some of my weaknesses, let’s hear about yours. What are you not ashamed to admit you have a hoarder’s syndrome for?

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