Goddess Series Bundle Special Coming!

GoddessBundleCoverI’ve wanted to do this for a while, and I’ve finally found the time to make it happen. On April 21st, you will be able to get the first four books in the Goddess Series–Goddess Legacy, Goddess Secret, Goddess Sacrifice, and Goddess Revenge–for one low price! Not only that, but this Goddess Series Bundle  Special includes a bonus short story, Goddess Dream! Even more exciting? The first two weeks, this bundle will be at a crazy low price! Why? I wanted people who’ve already read and loved the series to be able to read the bonus special without forking over the retail price of the boxed set. That means for two weeks, everybody wins! Mark your calendars, you don’t want to miss out.

****Please note, you might start seeing this bundle live (not pre-order) before the 21st. BUT priced at $9.99. This is NOT the retail price. It will be lower than this (and the two week special will be MUCH lower). The reason I went ahead and started the upload process is so I can get links for my reviewers and promo spots scheduled starting 4/21 through 5/3. I’ve done pre-orders before, but reviewers can’t leave a review until it’s live. I want to hit the ground running on 4/21. So if you see the boxed set available before this date, ignore it. You will be wasting money!

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3 thoughts on “Goddess Series Bundle Special Coming!

  1. this is awesome a new book in the series???? i will be purchasing it !!!

  2. mari

    When is the new order series coming out. I’ve been dying to read more about legacy and her friends/antagonists.

  3. Adelina Martinez

    Is that it for the story

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