For The Love of Mythology Blog Hop

It’s time for the Love of Mythology Giveaway Blog Hop. Wooo hooo!! Okay, okay, enough of the hoopin’ and hollerin’… Let’s get down to the good stuff.


I love mythology. Even more, I love all the stories and material that gets the plot bunnies breeding. When I started working on my Young Adult/Adult fantasy series several years ago… before we had the term “New Adult”, I knew I wanted to have a strong female lead. Of course, she could be flawed… in fact, she needed to be, but at the time, I was so tired of all those stories where the hero would swoop in at the last minute and save the day. I remember thinking, why did a character have to have a set of balls to be the savior. Granted, a “hero” by definition is a man. Yeah, yeah, okay, I know that. But I wanted a chick in the limelight…but I still wanted hot guys. I’m not crazy. *smiles devilishly*

It took years, but eventually my female lead, Legacy, was born. Of course, she’s a goddess… well, she’s going to be if she survives her ascension. There are hot gods, too, but Legacy will be powerful in her own right when she ascends. It’s a completely different spin on the Persephone myth, but with enough nods to the real deal that those of you who studied Greek Mythology will connect the dots—and still leave you guessing.

Okay, I’ve rambled enough about wanting a strong female lead, now it’s time to tell you about book one in the series. Oh, and it’s free everywhere right now (except for Amazon… still waiting for them to update it), so don’t hesitate to download your copy today! And if you’re like me and are addicted to Amazon’s One-Click crack, then click on the option to notify them of the lower price, and maybe that’ll light a fire under them.

Legacy Kore is an average seventeen year old with your basic insane crush on the hottest guy in school… rather Adin Shepard was the hottest guy in school before he graduated a couple of weeks ago. Now it’s summer vacation and she’s not sure when she’ll get to see him again. Until he shows up at her surprise seventeenth birthday party. Cue saliva glands–it’s time to drool.

But her giddiness is cut short when her guardian delivers an emotional blow, telling Legacy her mother hadn’t died when she was baby, but that she’d left for Legacy’s protection all those years ago. After the initial shock, she expects some story about how her mother was in the Witness Protection Program or something else just as crazy, but when she’s told that her mother is a Greek Goddess and that Legacy is changing into one too, she thinks her guardian needs a trip to a mental hospital. Legacy a goddess? Um, yeah. Right. And her BFF is the Easter Bunny.

While trying to make sense out of something that was impossible to believe, Adin asks Legacy out on a date. She is thrilled that her fantasy might become a reality, but when she meets the new guy in town, River, she discovers everything isn’t always as it seems, and the legacy she wants just might not be the legacy she is destined to have.

Order of Goddess Series:
Goddess Legacy
Goddess Secret
Goddess Sacrifice
Goddess Revenge
Goddess Bared

Goddess Bound (Releases Early June 2013

Comment below on who your favorite Greek Mythology god/goddess/nymph/creature is and one person will be selected to win a copy of Book Two, GODDESS SECRET (Because Book One is free, remember 😉 ). And don’t forget to hop along to and visit the other blogs for chances to win other prizes. You can click on the image above to get the list or click on the names below:

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9. herding cats & burning soup 36. DC Juris 63. Romance Book Club (US)
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13 thoughts on “For The Love of Mythology Blog Hop

  1. Tara

    my fave god is Hades because he was tricked by his brothers and its not his fault that he is king of the dead

  2. Rachel

    My favorite Goddess is Artemis; I loved the wildness and sense of freedom I got from her.

    dragon5174 (at)

  3. BookAttict

    Tisiphone (Fury – avenges murder).

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  4. bn100

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  5. jeannie platt

    I love Athena she is a strong and wise goddess. Not to mention she was born of Zeus’s and came out his head full grown in full body armor…Pretty kick ass

  6. I really like Hades.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  7. I love Aphrodite and Persephone.

  8. annie page

    I love all myths books but I do enjoy more the Aphrodite, zeus and son Herclues Enjoyed your story telling and heads up about amazon

  9. BookLady

    Hades and Persephone are my favorites. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  10. ty and gl to all!

  11. Meghan Mack

    I just downloaded your first book on amazon!! I can’t wait to read it. I love anything Zeus 🙂

  12. Krysta B.

    My favorite goddess is Demeter 🙂


  13. shadowluvs2read

    Poseidon is my favorite. I find the ocean so…fascinating. Its fun to think of all that we havent discovered yet and hes the king of it all! All that wonder and power! 🙂 Thank you!

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