Book One, Goddess Legacy, Reaches NUMBER ONE in Teen Romance!

I’m taking a break from writing Book 6, GODDESS BOUND, to give y’all a quick update on the series. First, Book 1, GODDESS LEGACY, is available in print! Yay! It’s only available at Amazon, but hop on over there and order your copy today. I will be setting up a P.O Box for those that want me to sign the copies you purchase and will post that info once it’s ready. As for the other books going to print, yes, it’ll happen. Hopefully, I can get them out once a month like I’ve strived to do the ebooks. I’m sure you know it’s rare for authors to release books this quickly, but I’m doing this as my gift to you. I know I hate waiting, so I don’t want my fans to wait either. The people I have who beta read, edit, do cover art, formatting, etc. for me will be happy once I finish book 6, and they can all have a real break. 😛

Speaking of Amazon, I’m going to remind you that right now that’s the only place you can get any of the books (ebook or print). Since I signed up for the KDP Select program for Book 1, Amazon gets a three month exclusive on that book. It didn’t make sense to me to make the other books available elsewhere until I could offer the first book everywhere. But we are in the final month of that program. Starting in early May, I’ll have all the ebooks that are out up on B&N, All Romance Ebooks, Ibooks, etc. and will post all the buy links on my website.

In a couple of weeks, I will be starting my official blog tour on the series and will be posting information on a contest! I’m very excited about this, so stay tuned for info!! Also for this month, I am still on schedule for Book 5, GODDESS BARED, being out (no earlier than the 15th… could be later in the month??). But Book 6 could be released a little later than I’d originally hoped… but hopefully just by a couple of weeks. I’ll know more later this month.

Ok, enough of the official announcements. I want to thank everyone who downloaded GODDESS LEGACY during the March 18th and 19th promotion. Because of your help, it reached NUMBER ONE in the Teen Romance category on Amazon!! That was a great accomplishment, and I am so thrilled it climbed that high! I could not have done it without your help. Not only that, but I am getting great reviews on the book! I never tire of hearing how much you love my work. 🙂 So again, thank you, thank you, thank you!

On a side note, I’ve noticed some comments in a couple of the reviews (still good) about grammatical errors/typos. Even though I’ve proofread, had a beta reader, and paid an editor, mistakes do happen. If you notice something in error in any of my books, please email me what you find. I’ll be happy to make the corrections. The largest issue I’ve had with the first five books in this series is that they were originally written in first person, not third. I know my editor will be so happy not to have to keep correcting the words I over corrected with Word’s lovely “Replace All” feature. 😛 So if you notice something that’s wonky, shoot me an email. If you help me, you never know what you might get in return. Besides the warm and fuzzies you’d get by paying it forward, you could get a free book, gift card, or some kind of accolades in return. I love rewarding people who go above and beyond for me. Just sayin’. 😉

Okay, I’ve rambled on long enough. I have to get back to writing Book 6 if I want it to be out by the end of next month…

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