Goddess Series Update

I’m still trying to get everything lined out. Book Two, GODDESS SECRET, was available by March 1st as I’d anticipated. Book Three, GODDESS SACRIFICE, will by out by the 15th of this month! And if all goes well, Book Four will be out by April 1st. As of right now, there are six books planned for this particular series. I am working on book six now, so if it ends up being a larger story, then it could be split into two books as well. I’ll know more in about a month. Either way, this entire series, Legacy’s story, will springboard the characters introduced so far (and ones to come) into another series, New Pantheon Order. Those books will not be as frequent as Legacy’s books have been/will be. But some of the other characters are demanding that I tell their story also. As for Legacy, here is the tentative book order:

Goddess Legacy (Available January 31, 2013)

Goddess Secret (Available February 28, 2013)

Goddess Sacrifice (Available March 15, 2013)

Goddess Revenge (Available April 1, 2013)

Goddess Bared (Available April 15, 2013*–this one is with my editor now, so this date may change)

Goddess Bound (Available May 15, 2013*–this one is being drafted, so date may change)

I hope you enjoy reading about Legacy’s journey. I can’t wait to finish book six and get it to my editor! 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Goddess Series Update

  1. Jeanie

    I have really enjoyed reading this series! I can’t wait for the next book! Thanks for the fun reads.

  2. Julie

    Can’t wait for the 5th and 6th books!

  3. JC McDonald

    Patiently editing…stayed up all night reading all four books!

    • JC McDonald

      Waiting…darn spellcheck!

      • Alli M

        Do you by chance know when the sixth book may possibly be out? No rush I’m just courious. Thank you so much!!

  4. Corrinne

    just got donw reading the 5th book and OMG i did not see that one coming hopefully book 6 will be out on time !!

  5. Thanks everybody! Book 6 goes to my editor tomorrow, so once I get a timeline from her, then I’ll know more specially on when it’ll be out… but definitely before the end of next month. 🙂

  6. Corrinne

    I just read the 6th book and it was amazing…but i thought their was only 6 books in the series? are you planning on doing a spin off series about the other characters? Just woundering becouse the way the book ends i have more questions then answers lol

  7. alexis carlson

    when does the 7th book come out im dieing to read more.

  8. Kaitlyn

    Will you be writing another book following the 6th one? I just read all of your books for the first time today and I am totally in love with your writing. It was the perfect book I had been looking for. Please be writing a 7th book following up on the rest to come. Thank you for being such an amazing writer and giving girls like me a world to escape to.

  9. Jennifer Marteny

    Pleaseeeeee tell me there will be a 7th book? This was such a great series, I couldn’t put it down!

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